Attention All Empaths, Psychics, and Intuitives

Are Unexpected Consequences

Are Unexpected Consequences

Getting In The Way Of Manifesting Your True Desires?

Getting In The Way Of Manifesting Your True Desires?

We all know that we deserve to have our needs met and our wishes fulfilled, and that manifestation actually works...

And you may have already figured out that what you asked for and what you actually get can turn out to be two totally different things.

Because how we've all been taught Law of Attraction is a distorted teaching with hooks in a false light paradigm and often collapses before you receive your 'win'.

And... if you happen to be surprised to receive what you've asked for; it doesn't quite turn out the way you thought it would.

We all know that we deserve to have our needs met and our wishes fulfilled, and that manifestation actually works...

And, you may have already figured out that what you asked for and what you actually get can turn out to be two totally different things.

Because how we've all been taught Law of Attraction is a distorted teaching with hooks in a false light paradigm and often collapses before you receive your 'win'.

And... if you happen to be surprised to receive what you've asked for; it doesn't quite turn out the way you thought it would.

You’re not alone!

For centuries people have been lost in translation on how to ask & receive what they most desire by gurus telling you to do this or that... And never sharing the source of their knowledge. 

Luckily, today we have been given the blessing of much higher frequencies available ALLOWING YOU to tap into... 


When you are ready to let go of old patterns and beliefs so that you can open up to receiving all kinds of abundance.


When you are ready to open your creative flow you can get clear on your life purpose and live your mission.

When you are ready to enjoy the freedom and confidence that comes with taking control of your life.
YES, Absolutely!

It's easier than you think!

Just imagine...

What if you could experience ease by knowing what you're asking for is aligned with your Highest Good and Divine Receiving?

What if you knew you would ALWAYS get what truly works for you and feels good!?!

What if you learning the truth about trust & surrender allowed things to manifest even GREATER than what you could imagine asking for yourself?

Today is your lucky day! Because…

Truthfully, very few people know how to connect to The Divine Energy Stream™.

Hi, I'm

Jennifer Lamkins...

I was there, too... I felt so confused and energetically attacked as I explored ways to manifest my dreams, and went through hell trying to understand why what I manifested (even the big things that showed up) weren't matching up with my love of God and what I knew was possible! Until I tried and created Truly Luminous Facilitator Program™. My life went from emotionally scattered to living joy-filled alignment in just a few months!

And so I’m here to share with you that not only is successfully manifesting your desires truly possible, I have found the missing link that allows you to create like the Divine Spark you are while staying in the true Living God vibration!

Here is what I've discovered... 

Jennifer Lamkins

CEO, Upgrading Consciousness Academy

Having your desires fulfilled & your needs met is your God-Given right!

Here's how to get congruent...

It's time for you to show up with confidence that you not only know what you need but you also know the EXACT STEP-BY-STEP FORMULA to clear away the lies that stop you from Divine living.

When you can let go of the old programs and remove yourself from outside emotional influences,  your communication and connection with God opens up to the fullest potential leaving room for more manifestations to show up for you  - the sky is the limit!

Forget the pressure of 'getting it right' because when your right with God, you're never wrong.




Core wounds and past traumas create cracks and tears in our spiritual DNA.  By sealing these we are more connected to the true living God and our Divine mission and purpose for being.


We have all received overlays and seals that have clouded our full potential and distanced our connection with the Divine.  Releasing these templates is key to more possibilities.


Connecting with God has often been diluted, distorted or absent from our modern lives. Once you are re-introduced to the Divine you also re-remember who and why you came here to Earth.

That's why I created...


The most aligned collection of tools and processes that empower you not only on the first day, but builds as you go so you can transform and heal first yourself, leaving you fully aligned with tools and training to uniquely share your Divine Spark and strengths, and to assist your future clients to their perfect transformation like no one else in the coaching industry.
This isn’t just any course on MANIFESTATION!

This is a holistic spiritual transformation powered by The V.I.B.E. Formula™ 

The Alignment of Mind-Body-Soul Connection

It is tested system, with my guiding  and coaching you every step of the way, because what most programs forget is that everyone's gifts and strengths are different, and each person has different personal struggles.  This method uses the V.I.B.E. Formula™ that works to bring you and your relationship with God closer while allowing you to take back sovereignty and dial up your intuition so you become an empowered force in your life.

With this revolutionary method you will...

be raising your Manifestation Vibration with absolute confidence that you are connecting to Divine Source energy and  providing the very education and tools that your future clients can rely on while feeling confident in your high quality service because it worked for YOU!

The End Result...
Imagine, You and your relationship with God stronger than ever before and feel confident in knowing that you are a Spark of the Divine and God is always here to support you.
Imagine, going out to lunch with your best friend and she's so impressed by your transformation wanting to know your secret to attracting all of your desires to you as if  by magic.

Imagine living your fulfilling new career as a Truly Luminous™ Facilitator, helping other women all over the world find their power and align with God as they achieve their dreams all with your assistance. 

never having to worry about FEELING UNSUPPORTED AGAIN...
Our private Facebook Group gives a special place to share your struggles and successes.
live facilitation
LIVE facilitation and weekly videos to help guide you with personalized coaching.
Deep healing activations and negativity removals to elevate frequencies within the body.
This course was life changing. I went back and renamed several of my products.The minute I changed the names I had people immediately messaging me on Instagram wanting to learn more about what I do!  
Christina Nguyen
Weight Loss Expert, BossBody Life
Karen has been amazing to work with! I saw immediate results in my business.Before working with Karen I was constantly having to explain what my products were and had to ‘sell’ people on why they needed them. Now my products are like a magnet and people are eager to buy. I’m finally working with people that I love.
Natasha Vorompiova
Founder, CEO at SystemsRock
What Others are saying
"This course is a Godsend!

I didn't feel supported before, but now since taking the course, I feel I've been moved to the next level of my spiritual awareness and have much better tools to protect & connect to my abilities as well as helping others to a far greater capacity."

Corinne Meyer

Medium & Spiritual Coach

Light Beings Graduate

"Jennifer is a perceptive and incredible aware guide and coach.  She's able to see through the illusion and pinpoint the blockages so you can face some hard but beneficial truths about where you're stuck."

Hani Cheng

Founder of Liberated Leaders &

Transform Passion to Action

"Best money I ever spent! This program turned up at a very stressful time in my life when I needed spiritual direction and more understanding  of the unseen world.  It offered tools to regain my power and develop a deeper relationship with God than I've ever had before.  So powerful!"

Lisa Larabee

Light Beings Graduate

Truly luminous

facilitator program 

Is the only program that GUIDES you THROUGH...

level one - clearing and aligning

Discover what is causing the distractions, and the emotional roller-coasters,  and how to take back your power and ground into your Divine embodiment through step-by-step methods and tools to heal past traumas and pain.  


You will learn exactly how to stand in your power with clarity and confidence while you incorporate your energy to make manifest your true desires in complete surrender to the beauty only available through Divine Receiving.

level three - full expression

Best of all, as you become masterful at manifesting, you can share your wisdom with others.  This program is set up to give you the credentials to create a new career for yourself, or incorporate with your current services.   

Here’s what you get inside

truly luminous™ facilitator program

A twelve module video course and step-by-step workbooks:

Everything you need to know to successfully raise your vibration to Divine Alignment with God and manifest your true desires.
Modules 1-3 Understand the beginning

You'll take a clear assessment on where you are currently functioning on all levels

You'll discover what has been causing so much emotional imbalance in your life.

You will get to feel what its like to be grounded and clear headed whether alone or a large group.

You will also gain confidence and ease with social experiences and interactions with difficult people.


Modules 4-6 communicate your boundaries

A beautiful graduation to knowing what you know and setting healthy boundaries.

You'll discover how to discern what you are actually feeling and what is being impelled onto you

You'll get to connect to what works for you and step into your power

You'll see how being you allows others to honor your boundaries and receive the real you


Modules 7-9 connect WITH god on a deeper level

Having the deepest connection with God opens the doors to manifest all possibilities

You'll feel a sense of comfort knowing that God is working for your greatest life to come into action

You'll start to joyfully see the miracles manifest around you now 

You begin to really put all the pieces of the grand puzzle together and how you fit as a integral piece of the Great grand design

MODULE 10 living in alignment to your desires

Now is the time to start creating your desires into this reality using your now ACTIVATED power

You'll see what a truly powerful manifestor you are and begin to hone your skills with Divine guidance

You'll watch how others can now see and acknowledge you as a powerful manifestor of your desires

You begin to create with confidence that goes beyond any human wishes or limitations

Modules 11-12 a practice that changes the lives of others

As an activated LIGHT BEING you become Truly Luminousenjoying the reality of living on purpose

Your sense of self is elevated with your awareness of oneness as well as your unique importance that only you can bring to this world

You're excited and ready to step into your role as a guide to assist others in their sovereignty and awakening to their true life's purpose

And you are READY to be honored for your work and balance the exchange of your efforts while living in alignment doing what you love





Stepping into your new mindset takes daily mastery.  Enjoy this 7-Phase energy alignment practice to keep you focused on your new way of being and master your destiny. 
(VALUE $499)


Client Assessment

Accessing how much change before and after a session is a breeze with this assessment checklist.  Gift free to clients or add as an additional service to your practice.

(VALUE $499)


Activating your Higher Self is a powerful way to connect to your purpose and God.    This Inner Healing Mastery self-guided meditation is dynamically powerful in gaining clarity and inner strength as you evolve into your true essence.
(VALUE $499)


Client Handout

Matrix Unplugging work can be difficult for some to fully comprehend and hard to explain.  This 10-page handout gives clients a better understanding of the body of work.

(VALUE $499)



Using God-made crystals to enhance your energy field is possible and effective!  This wonderful handout shares instruction for clearing out negative and energy and attuning to God as your activation source.
(VALUE $499)


Using Love to Ascension tools for optimizing your Life's Purpose by delivering clarity and awareness using a simple progression of questions to activate your awareness and be more of you on your self-love journey.

(VALUE $499)
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Buy with confidence. Your purchase is protected by
the UPGRADING CONSCIOUSNESS Academy® 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our number one value at Upgrading Consciousness Academy is delivering the very best customer experience in the industry. We strongly believe that when you purchase an online program like this, that program must deliver what is promised, if not more! 

We are so confident that once you experience the quality of our content and programs that you will be a fan for life! That’s why we offer a full 14 day unconditional money back guaranteeYou don’t need to show us your work or worrying about any fine print legal terms. Simply put, if you don’t think this right for you, email our friendly helpful support team within 14 days for a full refund.  

Here’s the one catch: We so ask that you tell us why this wasn’t the right fit for you so we can improve our program for the next student.

This course was life changing. I went back and renamed several of my products.The minute I changed the names I had people immediately messaging me on Instagram wanting to learn more about what I do!  
Christina Nguyen
Weight Loss Expert, BossBody Life
Karen has been amazing to work with! I saw immediate results in my business.Before working with Karen I was constantly having to explain what my products were and had to ‘sell’ people on why they needed them. Now my products are like a magnet and people are eager to buy. I’m finally working with people that I love.
Natasha Vorompiova
Founder, CEO at SystemsRock
What Others are saying
"Pure gold!

For years I felt trapped and stuck in my life and Jennifer showed me my strength and gave me the tools to find my own path and create a life I really love!"

Karen Bergman

Reiki  Practitioner


Jennifer is a POWERHOUSE of consciousness & intuitive empowerment!

Amanda Jo Moody

IT consultant / Energy Worker

"A rare jewel!

My coaching sessions with Jennifer have brought such insight beyond what I ever thought possible for me.  She has the ability to help you see who you really are and what you're capable of."

Dayna Coenen

Animal & Health Advocate


Truly luminous™ facilitator program 

Raising your God vibration to Manifest effortlessly and Live a Life of Purpose.
Powered by Upgrading Consciousness Academy™ 
(Value $22,905)


(Limited Time Only!)
(Value $2,994)

LIGHT BEINGS Daily Mastery™. . . . . . . . . (Value $499)

M.U. Client Assessment . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  (Value $499) 

M.U. Client Handout . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  (Value $499) 

First Piece Of The Offer. . . . . . . . . . (Value $497)

Second Piece Of The Offer . . . . . . . (Value $497)

Third Piece Of The Offer . . . . . . . . (Value $497)

Fourth Piece Of The Offer . . . . . . . (Value $497)

Inner Healing Mastery  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $499)

Your Life's Purpose Guide . . . . . . . . .  . . . (Value $499) 

Crystal Healing with The Divine. . . . . . . . (Value $499)

Bonus Piece Of The Offer . . . . . . . (Value $497)

Bonus Piece Of The Offer . . . . . . . (Value $497)

Bonus Piece Of The Offer . . . . . . . (Value $497)

Bonus Piece Of The Offer . . . . . . . (Value $497)

Total Value = $25,899
This low price is only offered on this page.
If you have any questions or concerns email our helpful friendly support team. 

We're happy to help.

What happens WHEN you order:
Instant Access

Submit the secure order form to get instant access to your welcome video and login information and instructions. 

Begin your journey
Login right away to access Module 1, watch all the videos and download the workbooks to start your new life today!
Entire bonus package
You'll have full access to the entire Bonus Package containing everything you need to create and launch your new career (after Module 7).

Enjoy the course for an entire

14 Days Risk Free!

What others have asked before saying, "HECK YES!" 
1) How is this different from other MANIFESTING courses? 

Perhaps you've seen and even taken some other manifestation courses - and perhaps haven't gotten the results you had hoped for... that's because other courses don't focus on clearing the distorted information designed to keep you wanting and never receiving in a way that brings Christ into your asking and true manifestations into reality-based proven tools and processes that set this course apart from any other out there.  

The Truly LuminousFacilitator Program is VERY different, and here's how...

First, what other manifestation courses miss, is beginning with a core healing of old wounds and programs that have kept you out of alignment and never receiving the bounty of God's amazing Abundance Bank™

Daily Mastery Practices, you'll know how to get yourself in the right mindset to allow abundance to flow into your life by these 7 (seven) morning challenges that keep you attuned to riches & abundance.

Second, unlike other courses that teach you their personal method, in this course, you'll learn what works for your unique God-given gifts and learn how to enhance them while gaining your ability to be present and powerful. 

Third, you'll also learn how to put your renewed abilities into action and call in your desires with heavenly assistance using all the knowledge within the LIGHT BEINGS training modules to strategically empower yourself from darker forces and up-level your ability to stand in that power to share your knowledge with the world.  

It's basically three courses in one program! 

Whew... that's a lot! 

And there is still more I could share, but trust me when I say you will not be disappointed!

2) my schedule is already packed! how much time will this take?

No worries!

This program is designed to give you amazing results in the fastest time possible with support and in-depth information to save you time because you'll have a clear step-by-step process and 'done for you' handouts for when you're ready to facilitate others.

You can go through the instructional videos and workbooks with us weekly, or watch the replays later on your own schedule.  This program is set up so you can complete in as little as 12 weeks, or take as long as you need, you have LIFETIME access to your program to refer back to whenever.

I'm literally handing you a high energy manifestation program that shifts you into a manifesting marvel - so you know exactly what to do to clear your energy and align with your Divine wisdom. 

The best part is that once you complete the program you become certified as a Light Being and can begin your new career or enhance your current services with this amazing program.  It's that simple.

3) I have a small KIDS, AND/OR A JOB. WILL this work for me?

Most definitely!

In fact, we you'll be able to use your newfound skills to make life easier dealing with the challenges of parenthood and your boss. 

If this is you, you'll want to give yourself permission to go through the material at your own pace and know that you'll still be supported every step of the way!   

Your success is important to us and your not a random client getting lost in the mix. This program is set up to choose audio or video replays for on-the-go options to make it convenient to have the modules on hand, keeping it all travel friendly.  Each handout is downloadable and can be saved on your devices as well as accessed through your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

4) I'm totally new to COACHING. Is this right for me?

Yes! This program is a wonderful place to receive your training! 

If this is you, you'll start at Phase One in the Program. 

There is no faster way to gain a deep and intimate understanding of your hidden limitations than Modules 1 -3!  You'll know exactly where you've been stuck and how to immediately shift into a new state of being. 

After completing Phase One, you'll be well on your way to empowerment and shining your beautiful wisdom onto your future clients.  By the end of Phase Five you'll have all the tools you'll need to confidently coach others through their frustrations and limitations. 

5) I'm not a coach yet, or I don't have a business.

You are in the right place!

This program is designed to get you in the right space for aligning to your life's purpose and opening up new avenues of abundance.  With the materials provided to get you there at your disposal to use in your new practice once you've completed the program.

Use the material provided as your template to create the coaching program to help others who will be so grateful for your guidance... and your personal struggles become your success story as you move into your new life! 

To start generating immediate revenue, you can create a waitlist for your future class to start lining up students once you are ready to teach. 

6) I've been doing challenges for years. will i learn anything new? 

Yes! Our mission at Upgrading Consciousness Academy is to bring the highest integrity and purest information to date so we can support you rest assured you are in good hands. 

We've taught this program live with several rounds of students from all walks of life who have excelled in creating a new reality with their abundance, money flows, relationships, and especially have grown closer to God as they learned how to co-create with God at the wheel.  The strategies and techniques you'll learn here are not done or taught anywhere else quite like this.

7) what if I have absolutely no technical ability? 

Great news, I'm not technical either!

In you're reading this page, that means you likely came here from a Facebook Ad. You're qualified :)

Seriously, if you can post to Facebook and manage your email inbox, you have all the skills you need. 

While we do include some totally Ninja techniques for those so inclined, the program is designed so total technophobes can launch and run a very successful and high converting challenge using very minimal technology. We'll guide you through everything you need to know, step-by-step!

And for you tech-geniuses out there... we have you covered too! Don't worry. 

8) what can i expect once i sign up?

Once you complete the order form, you'll receive an email with your login info and have immediate access to begin the course. 

You'll have access to our beautifully designed learning portal where you can begin the video training and download your weekly workbooks and audio files. Each module has multiple video lessons where you'll learn all the course material and strategies you need to begin your fabulous journey.

You'll also have immediate access to our private Facebook group where you will find a positive, helpful & encouraging community of other God-Aligned manifestors ready to welcome and support you.

9) what if i have questions or need help?

When you join the Purpose Academy® community, you're joining other purpose driven business owners, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs at all levels of business. 

Private Facebook Group

You'll have access to our content-rich and highly supportive online community. Our coaching team is standing by to answer questions and provide feedback, as well as all the other members in the group. 

Upgrading Consciousness Academy® Support Team

Our support team is standing by to assist with any support questions you may have. You will also find a technical support FAQ inside your membership. You can also email at any time and we'll be happy to assist you. 

Mentoring and Coaching

Upgrading Consciousness Academy® offers a wide range of programs, courses, and strategic coaching and consulting services for all levels of business - whether you are just starting or looking to scale your business to 6 or 7 figures or beyond - we have you covered. 

10) do you have a refund policy?

You can buy with confidence knowing you purchase is protected by the Upgrading Consciousness Academy® 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our top value is providing the very best customer experience in the industry. We believe that when you purchase an online program you deserve a quality experience and should get results! 

Please see the Upgrading Consciousness® Satisfaction Guarantee section on this page for specific details. 

Hi, I'm

Jennifer Lamkins...

I'd spent most of my life searching for the right answers to give me a transformation in receiving the life I'd always dreamed of. A life filled with romantic manifestations, financial security, ease of living, and a sense of security... I remember what it felt like when I used all the Law of Attraction lingo to create my 'dream life' and lover, until 3 years later I left my cheating ex's home with nothing to my name but for my clothes on my back, a 7-year-old sedan & 7-year-old daughter. From that painful experience of thinking I had manifested my dream life, to moving into my parent's moldy basement with my kiddo for two years, I made a conscious decision that I'd get clear on what God's plan was for me and how to bring in the experiences and abundance that would align with my values and no longer fall prey to the false light that played havoc with my life.

The success came from having the right information guided straight from The Almighty and putting in the time doing research, and personal coaching for women who had been traumatized just like me, looking to find their self-worth and purpose.  Working with many other women who were also naturally psychic and empathic was to see that because of traditional religion's judgment of our God-give abilities, we'd all searched for other ways to connect and receive falling victim to false teachings providing in-congruent outcomes and painful lessons. With lots of prayer and tons of research, I connected all the dots to create Light Beings™ facilitator program which has now expanded into an incredibly comprehensive course, Truly Luminous™ that takes you on a 9-month journey to EPIC change.

I am so passionate about providing loving, aligned, and powerful information and tools to help anyone who is ready to take the leap of faith in God and open up to receiving the splendor of manifesting with The Divine, creating a life they'll love and sharing their gifts with the world! 

Jennifer Lamkins

CEO, Upgrading Consciousness Academy


This is perfect for you if... 

  • You're ready to heal your inner wounds & shine as the Divine Spark you truly are.
  • ​You're ready to fully stand in your power and claim your sovereignty.
  • You have awakened to the darkness and you're ready to TURN UP your light.

This is NOT for you if... 

  • You only want to argue for you limitation and aren't ready to let go of self-destructive behavior.
  • You can't believe that more is possible and have resolved that everyone else can have their dreams fulfilled except for you.
  • You don't believe that God truly exists or think there's nothing beyond what religion or school already has shown you.


Truly luminous™ facilitator program 

Powered by The V.I.B.E. Formula™ 


This Entire Bonus Package:
(Limited Time Only!)
Total Value = ($25,899)
This low price is only offered on this page.

with 8 additional payments or

pay in full and receive a discount

come join us!

And we'll See you on the inside!

Shine Your Divine Light!
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